Sunday, November 18, 2007

Read This First

Though I actually quite like it when other webcartoonists sell stuff, I feel bad about doing it myself. This may make me a hypocrite. The fact that I am admitting it definitely makes me a lousy salesperson. Oh well.

I wish I could follow Bill Waterson's admirable example and refuse to merchandise my comic. Unfortunately, unlike Mr. Waterson, I am not rich and probably spend more on drafting pens in a year than most people spend on clothing. In an attempt to recoup some of the costs thus incurred (not that I'll stop drawing if I don't make any money; I am perfectly willing to go without socks in order to continue spending hours and hours every week creating a comic for which I do not get paid), I have made this shop.

Take a look at the designs below. If you like some of 'em, feel free to buy something. If not, or if you like some of 'em but are not a T-shirt kind of person, don't. The store exists so that people can use it if they want to do so. Plus it's just really fun to play with the CafePress templates, damn it.

I've put the store on this blog because of a vague feeling that I shouldn't be hawking stuff directly off the Massey server. Perhaps someday I shall have a webspace of my very own, but at the moment, I depend upon the kindness of the alumni association, which is, incidentally, run by me, so never mind. The blog will also serve as a News page if I ever come up with any comic-related news, though so far, I haven't. Snarky comments will continue to appear in red beneath individual strips.

There is eventually going to be a WoB book, though I'm going to wait until I have at least two years' worth of comics before I get going on that project. For now, enjoy the T-shirts and other products.

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